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Class Schedule (drop-ins)

  ** means optional post-class meditation   

Workshops and
Registered Sessions 

Journey Through the Chakras
with Yoga and Mantra 

Sunday November 23rd, 2pm-4pm 

Healing Mind and Body Through Stillness:
Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Sunday December 7 2pm-4:30pm 

Kids Fun Yoga 
and Craft Afternoon

Saturday Dec 13
1pm-4:30pm  ($25)

Chair Yoga: 
- Wednesday Jan 7 - Feb 25 1:30pm (register)

Yoga for Tweens (8-13yr)

Saturday Nov 15

(6 wks for $48+tax)

Spread Your  Wings

Welcome to Pure Freedom Yoga Studio in Halifax Clayton Park / Rockingham . You are about to embark on a wonderful journey of self discovery.  Yoga, an ancient discipline that originated in India, is now practiced by people of diverse cultures and faiths around the world.  Why is Yoga so popular, you ask?  Come find out for yourself  --   this could be your time to discover your inner, radiant spirit.

What will you discover, you ask? Well, it depends on you. You are a unique individual with your own life experiences. You may have already found pureness of spirit, but you seek to unlock your deep inner strength.  Perhaps you are already blessed with the knowledge of your own unwavering courage, but seek to discover the pure spirit that resides within you.  Almost everyone desires freedom of mind from unhealthy stress and fears that lead to anxiety.

Our mind and body require balance on many levels to be healthy.  Your Yoga practice will help you restore balance and union in your mind, body and spirit ... and your life.  Whatever you need in any given moment --- you will find it every time you step on your mat.  Yoga will deepen your FAITH AND LOVE --- IN YOURSELF!

Come experience pureness in spirit, a free mind, and allow your radiant body to come shining through!

Pure light and love, 

Kathryn, Pure Freedom Yoga